Mini Memoirs


Driven1 by2 commitment3. Working4 towards5 peace6.

The 2016 Richmond Peace Festival is already setting up to be a very fun and thrilling event. One of the most exciting new exhibitions for this year will be a display of Mini Memoirs.  The Chrysalis Institute and James River Writers are partnering with the Richmond Peace Education Center and the Interfaith Council of Greater Richmond to bring this participatory community project to this year’s Peace Festival and to launch their fall 2016 season: The Narrative Thread: Story and the Search for Meaning.  With only the allotment of six words, participants are asked to write a sentence or two that captures their thoughts and feelings either at that particular moment, about a specific event, or their lives in general. Its aim is to allow partakers the chance to give a brief insight into their lives and provoke conversations between people. With this project, the people of Richmond will have the chance to share their own stories.

 All of the memoirs collected throughout the year at peace-minded events, through the Peace Festival website, and at a booth at the Festival will be displayed as a hanging art piece, serving not only as a centerpiece of the event, but also as a brief but enlightening glimpse into the lives of fellow Richmonders.   The hope is that by looking at others’ words, opportunities will be created for discussion and, hopefully, greater understanding.  Don’t miss your chance to have your own story told!

To create your own Mini Memoir, please click this link: and fill out the form.

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