Healing Our Water

Another exciting exhibition at the RVA Peace Festival this year is Healing Our Water. HealingOurWaterDrop Healing Our Water is meant as a peaceful protest against the pollution of Richmond’s water systems.  To join in, all you have to do is take a small amount of water from your tap or another water source of your choosing and place it in a small jar.  Next, simply speak positive affirmations to it, say a prayer over it, bless it,  or send good thoughts to it.  Choose whatever method means the most to you.  People of all faiths, cultures, or beliefs are asked and welcomed to take part!  The hope is that, by adding positive energy to our water, we can not only show our disapproval of pollution but also bring a healing energy to the river and beyond.

The goal of the project is for 1000 individuals to participate and bring containers of water to the RVA Peace Festival.  Everyone’s water will then be combined at the Festival, multiplying the good will of individual contributions.  All of the water collected will then be returned to the James River after a ceremony reconfirming participants’ positive affirmations.  The date of this ceremony is still to be announced.

For more information, please check out the Healing Our Water Facebook page: Healing Our Water


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