New Exhibitor/Performer: Jerome W. Jones, Jr. and Jeromyah Jones!

“Imagine A Nation” by Jerome W. Jones, Jr.

The Richmond Peace Festival is thrilled to announce that father and son duo, Jerome W. Jones Jr. and Jeromyah Jones will be exhibitors and performers at the 2017 Festival!  Learn more about their amazing work below:

Jerome W. Jones, Jr. is a Minister of Fine Arts using his paintings to “Teach the Art of Life Through The Love of Art.” His son, Jeromyah Jones, is a visionary for justice, writer of truth, painter of life, and poet of love. Together they are “Turning scriptures into pictures. Their mission is to address the world’s problems while presenting spiritual solutions to solve them.

To learn more about their vision, art, and journey see links below:

PBS Host Barry Kibrick’s Huffington Post article about The Art of Jerome and Jeromyah Jones

Visit the official website of nationally renowned artists Jerome W. Jones, Jr. and Jeromyah Jones

This Fruit Will Heal The Nations by Jerome W. Jones, Jr. (father)
“This Fruit Will Heal The Nations” by Jerome W. Jones, Jr. (father)

Spiritual Medicine by Jeromyah Jones (son)“Spiritual Medicine” by Jeromyah Jones (son)

Who Hears Our Blues by Jeromyah Jones“Who Hears Our Blues” by Jeromyah Jones



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