The mission of the annual Richmond Peace Festival is to provide an opportunity for children, youth, and adults of the greater Richmond area to gather in celebration of peace and diversity.  It is our hope that this will foster a growing sense of community.  Through a variety of experiences including arts & crafts,
games and entertainment, we will:

  • offer opportunities to embrace the possibilities of peace
  • help the community explore the many facets of peace
  • help the community begin to understand other cultures, religions and races through the use of the art, music, devotions, dance, etc.
  • create an atmosphere of fun, fellowship, and love
  • create a safe environment that welcomes all who are willing
    to come and explore expressions of peace
  • help to promote self-esteem in the children through age-appropriate activities 
  • encourage future cooperation and collaboration among the diverse communities of Richmond

 This year, our major sponsors are:

St. Joseph’s Villa

Interfaith Council of Greater Richmond

Richmond Peace Education Center

Chrysalis Institute

Natural Awakenings

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