RVA Peace Festival’s Emcee: Taquara Felix!

We are excited to announce that Taquara Felix, the creator of Spice Rack, will be the SpiceRack1emcee for the RVA Peace Festival this year!  Spice Rack is a community organization that tries to open up the conversation in Richmond by giving people from a wide variety of backgrounds the chance to respectfully voice their thoughts on issues affecting all of us.  People of all faiths, cultures, and beliefs are welcomed.  The hope is that through continued conversation greater unity and understanding can be achieved.  Each of their events has a different theme and features prominent panelists.

The June 2016 Spice Rack meeting will be at Brewer’s Cafe on Thursday, June 30 at SpiceRack_June2016 6:30pm.  This month’s theme is “My American Dream”.  Check out the Facebook event here: Spice Rack June 2016.  The event, as always, is open to all.



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